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When i was 18 years old i was so exited cause i was moving with my older brother he showed me the place it was a two foot house and like my brother was a cop he had his gun in his closet.The next day when i woke up i saw the window opened wich seemend very weird cause i rememberd i closed it.But the most weird par was that surrounding me there was a pool of blood i checked if i had injuries and thats when i saw that the place where

My kidney is was stiched together. My brother took me to the hospital and hours later my doctor told me that some how i lost my kidney ot it had been taken by someone or something.Later in the night i heard rustling in the bushes i checked it out andthere was nothing so i decided to sleep.I woke up like at 12:00 and i saw the most horrible thing that i couldnt imagine it was a man or a thing that wore a blue mask but the horrible thing was those eyes those motherfucking eyes they were gone just two empty fucking eye-sockets that was all covered in black. I decided to run get some cash cause i might needed and get the gun from my borther.Later on the day i returened but the house was surrounded with police i went inside the house and saw my brothers corpse but in the side of him i saw a little figure thati thought was interisting i took it and went inside my parents car... and when i looked at the figure i almost puked it was my kidney half eaten with black goo around it.