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You helping other users


  • Polite to all users new and old.                         
  • Helpful, you need to help others.        
  • Watchful, this means that when someone breaks the rules you must give them consequences even if their your friends.


  • Chat Moderators need to be more outstanding than the average user so as to be able to help in a polite and friendly manner. Language is not usually a big deal when used by moderators except when used  as insults against other chat moderators alike.Nasty,spiteful, and out right rude behaviour is not tolerated from any of the chat moderators or moderatingn or admistrators or bureaucrats.

Power AbuseEdit

Mods, Admins, and Bureaucrats will be automatically be demoted if you abuse your powers such as banning and kicking without a reason that is with the rules.



For most part disciplinary action is left up to the moderators discretion unless it is deemed too extreme by other chat moderators/administrators/bureaucrats and in which case can be reversed or lessened. In the case that one moderator has complaints about the actions of another they are urged to speak to site administrators/bureaucrats accordingly.