It was a windy evening so like any person I'd work till its time to sleep but today was different unexplainbly its in here.Just here.

The Days Before it happenedEdit

It was June second 2nd 1998 my brother had just died,but no one knows how or when he died it just happened I wasn't in grief,its sad because I didn't even care he died but he left me a message before he died. "I need you to know its coming for you next, you won't... understand till it happens but be careful because it comes after hatred and it knew we hated one and other but just dont let in" I still don't understand what he wanted to tell me,I'm so so sick of stupid games even when he's fucking dead he's still playing with my mind.This this what I mean this is I'm not in grief when he died and...and I will never be!

June 5th 1998 I don't know whats following me but I know it is from work to the store its following me.So I'm just a siting duck right now.

June 6th 1998 I know my first entry was long but thats the last of the long ones its just I'm, I'm not okay with that thing following me.

So I finally saw it.June 10th 1998,it was there I know it was there.

It said something...Edit

I stand here in my room just looking at "it" while "it" looks at me.I don't  know why but I had the urge to go torward "it" but that thing came torward me instead.I don't know why I didn't move I let come torwards me.So I tried touching "it" so I did and it flashed behind me.Still I did not feel right was I really dreaming,because if I was then this is longer then any other dream I had..."you should have listened to that note tory you should have just listened" it,it talked then disapeared.I know its still following feasting on my fears and my hatred for my brother,I know its gonna kill me just not now,not tomorrow,but I know it will...

A Story Written by Creepyderp101