The raspire was something unexplainable , it just sat there deformed from some kind of dog and unexplained being but I saw it slowing growing its long nasty blood colored claws and the weasing sound it made, was like a T.B victim coughing but it ... wasn't 

The Raspire...Edit

Its nothing of which it seemed.It just sat on the table looking at me with dark blood maroon eyes.So I decided to wait when my dog barked at the thing but nothing really happened until it stabbed my dog on the left side of its head and only the left side,Then went back to just starring at me.It suddenly disappeared in the dust and was gone... or so I thought.

The next sighting of It.Edit

so a month later more or less May 12th I saw that thing but it looked different... hungry.I didn't know why but instead of running I decided to watch like I did but something was off not the killing but the look it wasn't the last one i saw it was darker then the last one so i decided to take a picture of it to study.

Again another sight of it but this time it was the first one I met.Another picture for me to study but then it spoke, "Don't listen to her she just wants you to be her slave".I didn't know what to say so i just went went with "yo-you spoke".It said to me "You should know what I am by now, because of all the  studing me and her" But I responded with "Why I dont Know your kind but" he stopped me then said "I am my kind and she is her kind but some how we are the same".And he said "just call us a Raspire" then he disappered again.

So its been month since I so the raspire but I've been studing "it" more and more and noticed that it leaves behind dust of its body disappearing.