Creepy derp101

aka LackOfRespect22 or The Deathly Brony

  • I live in In the remains of illuminati
  • I was born on June 6
  • My occupation is Killing and taking peoples life's away and ripping souls from their very flesh
  • I am Gender
  • Creepy derp101

    um so really i think its time nobodys adding pages no body contributing and nobodys trying to get new people to this place so maybe its time to end scars and D.D wiki for the best so end is kinda right unless you guys and girls try getting more people to this wiki and more contributers and alot of pages

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  • Creepy derp101

    what i want to do

    March 11, 2014 by Creepy derp101

    All i really want to do on this wiki is just make abunch of pasta to creepy out alot of people a leave them at there edge and adding pics that people like and dislike

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  • Creepy derp101

    Im really new to this wiki but i really like creepy stuff and raising the undead stuff other then creeping people out and hurt people just to hear there blood curdiling screams i m really different but really smart just different so please accept me to this wiki

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